Friday, January 11, 2019

LSRR Adds Ampeg SVT 400T Bass Rig

Top: Ampeg SVT 400T
Middle: 2x10 Carvin cabinet, Eminence Legend drivers
Bottom: Ampeg 1x15 Classic
Left: Lakland Donald "Duck" Dunn PBass, Lindy Fralin PUPS

Many, many artists have recorded here using our classic 1964 Ampeg B-15N Portflex flip top combo amplifier. It's an amp that's been on countless classic records that we all love, and it always delivers a classic vintage sound.

Now we've added a monster bass rig to the arsenal: The Ampeg SVT 400T rack-mount head.

The cool thing about the newest addition to the bass amp arsenal here, the Ampeg SVT 400T head and Ampeg 1x15 speaker cabinet, (coupled with a 2x10 cabinet loaded with Eminence Legend speakers that we already had), is that it gives us three simultaneous bass tracking options:
  • Mic the 15" speaker;
  • mic the 10" cabinet;
  • and take a DI tap, either out of the back of the amp, or via an outboard DI box. 
When we track with this setup, the speaker cabinets could be isolated in the stairwell, while the head could be placed near the bassist out in the big room.