Thoughts, goals, missions.

Recording artists today have more technology options and avenues than ever before. If there's a missing piece, it's almost always community.

"The recording artist needs to know that the producer is working ten times as hard on their creation as they are." (Bob Power)

Always find ways to save the artist money.

Develop critical listening references.

"The goal is to capture a compelling peformance of a great song, and within that song, find what's great, and showcase that." (Bob Power)

A producer will inspire the artist to see themselves, push themselves, take artistic gambles, employ classic and non-classic arrangement ideas, and ensure that the creation isn't "all booty and no romance".

 "Realize the artist's vision. Then elevate it. Things could get messy, but I'm going to be there at the beginning, and I'll be there at the end." (Bob Power)

Recording Artists: Always include the recording studio and producer in your press releases, song postings, and credits.

"A producer makes it happen, from soup to nuts, and they have built a network of creative people; they set the agenda. It's like being a film director. The producer has to know everything about the artist, and the record they are making." (Bob Power)

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