Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Front Parlor "Artist's Suite" at the Lantern Sound Recording Rig

The Front Parlor "Artist's Suite" at the Lantern Sound Recording Rig is a dedicated performance space for the artist working here at the studio. It's been sealed off from the main studio (control room and big live drum room) by constructing windowed walls that have been inserted into the large door opening.

The Artist's Suite has its own separate entrance and break area. There are instrument and microphone tie lines that route inputs and headphone mixes to/from the control room. The room includes a baby grand piano, guitar and bass amplifiers, and headphone monitoring stations. Those are the big guitar amps. Fear not, we have smaller ones, and they're great, too.

This lets us offer completely isolated sessions where we can be in separate rooms. Of course, there are rules. Hand sanitizers in and before entering all rooms, strict mask rules, a 1-day grace period between sessions for sanitizing microphones, doorknobs, etc., and 2 days if vocal mics / pop filters are used.

The room can be used both with bare hardwood floors and with a large area rug.

  Front Parlor "Artist's Suite" view from entry door.

Front Parlor "Artist's Suite" view from south wall
Front Parlor "Artist's Suite" view from west wall

Fender Pro Reverb 1970's, Vox AC50CP, 1965 Ampeg Gemini II, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

1927 Hazelton Brothers (NYC) Baby Grand Piano

The Brauner Anniversary Edition Phantom Condenser Microphone

 View of the Front Parlor "Artist's Suite" from the big drum room.