LSRR Live Sound & Staging Rig

The Lantern Sound Recording Rig provides sound and staging for
The Dorene Rose Arts Stage, Alive After Five Streetfest, 
Patchogue NY, Summer of 2019. 
Details on how we do it here.

This 8 input channel sound system (plus additional inputs for broadcast feeds, pre-recorded background music, announcer microphones) that feeds two Eminence speaker cabinets for main sound, plus a three-speaker one-way onstage monitor system.

Additional gear is available for backline / instrument needs. This system is suitable for small to medium sized club/fest venues. For outdoor applications, an 8x8 foot tent and a 10x10 foot tent can be supplied.

Amperage draw information is included for each piece of powered gear

4'x6' Trailer
Single Axle

Front of House
Mackie -DFX12 Mixer - 1A
XLR, 1/4" TRS outputs available for broadcast uplink
Rane Rack Rider FOH EQ - 0.5A
Additional outputs available for broadcast uplink
AKG Wireless Mic Receiver - 500mA
ART Dual Channel Mic Pre - 1A
Rolls MA2355 Media Source Mixer/Power Amplifier - 4A
8x4 Snake - 8 XLR / 4 TRS

Stage - Front Line
Eminence Front of House Speakers (2) - 15" Driver x Single Horn
JBL & Yamaha Monitor Speakers (3)
Behringer (model TK) Power Amp - 
Crown D-150 Power Amp - 150 watts/channel - 6.25A
Crest v650 Power Amp - 325 watts/channel - 12A
dbx GoRack - Monitor Feedback Supression - 500 mA
Radial Single Channel DI Boxes (2), Dual Channel DI Box (1)

Fender Rumble 150 Bass Amp - Amperage Draw: 3A
Fender Blues Jr. Guitar Amplifier - Amperage Draw: 4A
Other Guitar Amplifier - Amperage Draw: 4A


Ludwig 24" Kick Drum - Classic Series
Ludwig 13" Rack Tom - Chicago Badge
Ludwig 14" Supraphonic Snare Drum 1970's
Mapex 16" Floor Tom
Sabian B8 Cymbal Set
Full set of cymbal stands

Shure SM58 (4)
Beta 58 (1)
SM57 (3)
e609 (1)
Audio Technica
ATW-T341 wireless (1)

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