LSRR Live Sound & Staging Rig

This is a sizable analog system suited for outdoor festival stages and large indoor rooms, and can be downsized for smaller applications.

There are no digital mixing consoles involved. In our experience, in the real world of front line sound reinforcement at street festivals, private parties and other situations where we are "in the trenches", sketchy power sources and wobbly gas powered generated electricity are often encountered. When power fluctuates, digital equipment can stop working, or not show up for work at all.

The show must go on, and when we're in the trenches, everything MUST work at all times. So we go with analog mixing consoles.

Front of House PA sound sytems columns (JBL MR935 full range and MR918 sub pairs), monitor/poweramp stage rack, front of house processing rack.

Transport / Power / Weather & Element Protection

4'x6' Trailer Single Axle

Predator 4000 gas powered AC electric generator

10x10 EZ-UP Tents (3)

Front of House

Allen & Heath Mix Wizard
16 channel Mixer (4 Aux Sends, additional L/R broadcast link outputs)
Mackie - DFX12 Mixer - 1A
EQ: Rane, DOD, DBX
Compressors: DBX
Effects: Yamaha
8 and 16 channel snakes

Dorene Rose's Arts Stage at Alive After Five, Patchogue NY 2022
Front of House JBL MR Series PA Stack, Monitor Wedges, Monitor Mixing Position

JBL MR935 (Full Range) Speakers (2) - 1120 wats at 8 ohms
JBL MR918 (Subs) Speakers (2) - 300 watts at 8 ohms
Crown MacroTech 3600VZ Power Amplifer - 1120 watts at 8 ohms
Crown MacroTech 2400 Power Amplifier (2) - 520 wats at 8 ohms
JBL, Yamaha, Mackie, Peavey Monitor Speakers (3)
Crest v650 Power Amp - 325 watts at 8 ohms - 12A
dbx GoRack - Monitor Feedback Supression - 500 mA
Radial Single Channel DI Boxes (4), Dual Channel DI Box (1)

Instrument Amplifiers
Fender Bassman 250 Bass Amp - Amperage Draw: 3A
Fender Blues Jr. Guitar Amplifier - Amperage Draw: 4A
Dean Markely Acoustic Guitar Amplifier - Amperage Draw: 2A

Shure SM58 (4)
Beta58 (3)
SM57 (8)
e609 (1)
Shure Beta 52

Instrument Amplifiers, Monitor Speakers, JBL MR Series PA Stacks, all part of the LSRR live sound rig