RECORDING RATES (Includes Engineer)


Rates are for tracking, engineering, mixing and musical instrumentation, production & input.


HOURLY RATE: $55 per hour

A session at the Lantern Sound Recording Rig (LSRR) begins billing at the time the client booked it for, whether the client is present or not, and continues until the final load-out. Consecutive studio day rate rentals (not hourly) are mandatory if gear or mixes are to be left set up overnight. Payment is due at the end of the session, in cash. All content, sessions,mixes, CD-Rs, hard drives, etc. shall remain the property of LSRR until all invoices are paid in full.

DAILY RATE: $500 per day

Daily rate is for a 12 hour day. If the artist is bringing in a producer, there is no studio pre-setup. If Mick Hargreaves is producing, or co-producing, a free "load-in and setup night" can take place, previous to the day actually being booked, focused on getting as much setup and checked as possible, with an emphasis upon drum setup, basic instruments/components, and sound.

If Mick Hargreaves is not producing / co-producing, the day begins with a clean, un-set room. The producer on the project calls the shots on the day's agenda, and how things will be set up.


“Faders up” rough mixes for performance evaluation are always furnished at no additional cost in MP3 format, distributed via Dropbox. We generally do not burn CD’s until we are reviewing actual finished, or near-finished mixes, in AIFF format.


Mixing services are offered to all artists at a fixed rate per track. If the artist wishes to be present for the mix session, hourly rates apply, instead.

Generally, the per-song mixing rates involve me getting the mix very close to finished, after which the artist comes in and we review subjective concerns, visions and focus on the artist's needs and wishes. Since the mix is already close at the point the artist arrives, it makes for quicker, and more inexpensive. This is a highly recommended method.

For remote review and approval of mixes, we send AIFF/16-bit (CD Quality) formatted digital files to the artist, and we can burn CD discs for review. We do NOT employ lossy formats (such as AAC or MP3 format in ANY resolution) for mix evaluation. Final Mixes will be delivered to the artist via highest-resolution file transfer. Alternately, unmixed data files / stems can be supplied for the artist to arrange mixing and mastering at their own discretion.
  • SINGER-SONGWRITER MIX - $55 Per Track For simply arranged pieces, such as vocal, guitar, some additional accompaniment, perhaps percussion.

  • FULL BAND MIX - $150 Per Track For full-band arrangements (either real drums OR drum loops/’samples), typically guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, lead and background vocals. Projects that began as Singer Songwriter mixes that turn into Full-Band arrangements will be mixed and billed as Full-Band Mixes.

    This rate is based on three hours of work per song mix. Including prep work, EQ-ing, processing, routing of effects, editing, organizing, and bouncing/reducing tasks.

    Volume discounts are given when mixing a full-length CD's worth of songs.

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