LSRR Live Sound & Festival Staging Rig

Welcome to LSRR Live Festival Sound

16 inputs, 4 monitor mixes
Full range and subwoofer JBL speaker cabinets
Crown power amplification
Allen & Heath mixing console

Seen at:
Alive After Five Music Festival 2022
Pine Barrens Jam Music Festival 2022

Sound System

Allen and Heath Mixing Consoles
16 Inputs / 4 Monitor Mixes
JBL Full Range & Sub Front of House Speakers
JBL, Yamaha, Peavey, Mackie Stage Monitors
Crown, QSC, Crest Power Amplifiers
DBX EQ & Limiting
Full Compliment of Microphones / DI Boxes
Backline Instrument Amplifiers Available
Stereo Feeds for Live Broadcast/Streaming

Staging Transport / Power / Weather & Element Protection

Full power routing
4'x6' Trailer Single Axle
Predator 4000 gas powered AC electric generator
10x10 EZ-UP Tents (3)

JBL Front of House Speakers and Crown Power Amp Racks

JBL MR918 Subwoofers

JBL 935 Full Range  Speakers

JBL MR935 Full Range (top) and MR918 Subwoofer (bottom) Front-of-House Stacks