About Us

The Lantern Sound Recording Rig is a secluded recording studio in a large historical farmhouse that's located in a nature preserve, offering hourly and daily rates. Located in a 100-year old farmhouse, the facility takes up 8 rooms and 3 floors. There is a 32 input console, and a full compliment of instruments, microphones, outboard preamps and processing.

One of our favorite ways to record is by capturing groups of people performing together at the same time, in the same space, with the goal of getting the "magic take" that preserves the human element in recorded music.

  • Large drum room (1967 Rogers Holiday kit) on first floor
  • Big front parlour room with 1929 Hazelton Brothers (NYC) baby grand piano
  • Vintage guitar & bass amps
  • Full-floor vocal / acoustic instument room on third floor
  • Rooms, chambers and isolation closets including large staircase
  • Apple Logic® recording DAW

Less than five minutes from the Hampton Jitney, the Long Island Railroad, and the Long Island Expressway in the Eastern Pine Barrens of LI, NY.