About the Performers on the @AliveAfterFive_ Arts Stage: THUR JULY 6 2017 #AA5Patch

We kick of the Arts Stage Summer Season in Patchogue tonight for the first of four ALIVE AFTER FIVE editions. We will be located at 150 W Main St, Patchogue, NY 11772, in front of the Sixth District Court Building, between the Tap Room and The Blue Point Brewery Stage.

Riverhead, we will see you THU JUL 13 at Alive on 25!
Director: Dorene Rose
Host: Mick Hargreaves
Sound: Lantern Sound Recording Rig

Here are our music and spoken word peformers tonight.

5PM - Mark Lawlor: Mark doesn’t consider himself a “musician” but more so, a songwriter! His roots were grounded in traditional Irish ballads, but his guitar-dominated songs and intricate lyrics have metamorphosed into a style somewhere between quality pop to a sort of grunge folk, or “acid folk” as he likes to call it! He worked in the past with UK producer Jez Coad on his debut album 16b Fade Street. Resident in Ireland he commutes to the US regularly and gigs with local Long Island musicians Anthony Liberatore, Jeff Marshall and Alex Sarkis under band name The Undecided.

5:45 PM - Nathaniel Watts:  Spoken word performer. vintage vinyl dealer and author of Everyday Writing:A Deconstruction of the Human Hive, Nathaniel Watts has been a mainstay on the Metro Area performance circuit since his Everyday Writing project began back in March of 2011. Whether it's him performing with his band iAmnot or one of his dynamic solo sets that earned him celebrity status at Manhattan's Bowery Poetry Club, Watts takes a stage armed and ready to unlaod his daily observations of modern society. He releases them in a powerful empathetic way that's become dubbed as high Wattage. Everyday Writing: A Deconstruction of the Human Hive is Watts' first book and has spread globally. Readers have called it everything from cryptic gibberish to a deep and real wake up call.

6 PM - Bryan Gallo: Bryan's highly anticipated debut album, The Party Guest, was released on October 23rd, 2014.  Pete Mancini of the Bellerose, NY based Alt-Country band Butchers Blind served as producer for the album with the entirety of Butchers Blind serving as the backing band.  The album was recorded and mixed in a remote East Hampton cottage by Mick Hargreaves via his Lantern Sound Recording Rig, and doesn't stray from Bryan's singer/songwriter sensibilities all while stacking on some true Rock and Roll.  The Party Guest is a defining statement that encompasses several genres and shows promise for this up and coming Singer/Songwriter.  https://www.bryangallo.com/

6:45 PM - Pete MC2: Pete Mc2 is the current torch bearer for the muse exchange a collective of visual, musical and spoken word artists who specialize in pushing the limits of creative output. His first book " the edge of and observable universe" is due out any minute now.

7 PM - Free Grass Union: You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. - Oh, The Places You Will Go! (Dr.Suess) http://www.freegrassunion.com/

7:45 - Steven T. Licardi is the author of "Death By Active Movement" (Local Gems Press, 2013), is an actor, spoken word poet, motivational speaker, activist, and therapist from Long Island. Steven uses performance to engage in political discourse in order to positively impact communities and to bring about social change. He believes in the power of the arts to teach empathy, love, altruism, and compassion. www.TheSvenBo.com

8PM - Rob Europe is a blues guitarist mesmerizing audiences wherever he appears.Long Island's 2014 International Blues Challenge representative plays with an expertly executed Piedmont style upstaged only by a voice so soaked in soul it comes as no surprise that musical mastery runs in the young bluesician's family. Europe is the great-grandson of Jazz Hall-of-Famer James Reese Europe of the Harlem Rattlers; ragtime music and the Clef Club Orchestra. An ancestral connection gives context to how deeply this rising young musician – whose unique, gravel-laden vocals jibe perfectly with fingers that pluck notes as powerfully as they wield a slide – bleeds the blues, particulary the pre-war country variety.