These artists have been recorded at/by/with the Lantern Sound Recording Rig, and we promise they'll be alphabetical soon:

Libby Johnson
Red Tide
Winston Irie
Josie Bello
22 Brides
Freegrass Union
Crushing Violets
Jen Roth
Jack Marshall
Butchers Blind
Chloe Halpin
Gypsea Blue
Julia King
Black Petals
Laughing Without Smiling
Missing Suns
Los Morros De Mexico
LI Hornets
The Hangdogs
Kim Lawrence Humphrey
Mick Hargreaves & The King Guys
HooDoo Loungers
Brian Chbaza
Sunrise Highwaymen
Edna's Kin
Bryan Gallo
Pete Mancini
Twigs Break Before Stepping
Craig Whitney
Ann O'Rourke
40 Foot Saints
Greg Bucking
Roger Silverberg
Apology Line Podcast
Nick Parisi
Anthony Maragni
Jimmy Fleming
Bill Knell
Hampton Gypsy
Ludlow Ejacula
Dalton Portella
Rorie Kelly
Marianne Megna
Rob Europe
Dixie Bee-Liners
Marigrace Dineen
Robert Bruey
40 Foot Saints
Valery Levine
Don & Rachel Bracken
Lindsey Ellyn
Douglas Attridge
Marty Attridge
Eddie Ayala
Robert Bruey, John Cicciarello
Keith Cummings
Bryan Downey
Jonathan Evensen
Glenn Feit Sr.,
Chuck Finch
Dean Fritscher
Leah Kay
Rorie Kelly
Gene Casey
Andy Aledort
Jack Licitra
Mariann Megna
James O'Malley
Delaney Hafener
Fred Raimondo
Dan Reyburn
Greg Root
Walter Sargent
Steven Skoldberg
Gail Storm
Shari Yeomans


Skip English's bizarre "Mambo No. 9" project, a mash-up of The Beatles and Lou Bega.

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